Ghost in the Choir


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The Green Hour

The hour draws near
Ever now and here
Of swirling depths opaque
Ceaselessly partake

Limits now forsake
Eternity’s gate
Wheat fields of crows bestow
Sower and the Sown

Paint the stars
We weave the green dream
Far yet near
Night skies are revealed

That which you create
We can thus un-make
Infernal carousel
Spinning our mad spell

Sipping from the well
Of sweet emerald Hell
Bu-veh la verre d’ absinthe
Paint worlds we haunt

See translucently
Secret alchemy
La Tremblement De Terre
The abyss stares

Nowhere everywhere
Never more aware
We dance the devil’s waltz
Dissolving the false

Paint the stars
We weave the green dream
Far yet near
Night skies are revealed

Now fighting this - wallpaper
Weird wobbling walls - they fall
We are fighting to the death
One of us has got to go!

And then we dreamed - that we died
Ate supper with - the DEAD!
Life and soul of the party
Madness and grotesquely

With closed eyed now strangely seeing
All delights and sights misleading
Timeless canvas under all
Now possessed - By worlds without walls

Time will end
In this green hour
Time will bend …… oohhhhhh

What is real can be undone

Paint the stars

Paint the stars

Paint the stars
We weave the green dream
Night Revealed!!!


from CIRQUE NOIR, released October 24, 2013




CIRQUE NOIR Ventura, California

In the spirit of elegant eccentricity, sadistic strangeness, quintessential quirkiness, genre-blending/genre-bending ingenuity, fanatical iconoclasm, darkly inclined silliness (and a light sprinkle of pre-meditated pretentiousness), the maniacal musical cavalcade known as CIRQUE NOIR have maliciously and deliciously manifested a brand of circus laced rock! ... more

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